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@jordialba: Dando la bienvenida a un compañero nuevo y un buen amigo: me alegro de tenerte conmigo otra vez!! #Mathieu

Welcoming a new teammate and a good friend: I’m happy to have you with me again!! #Mathieu

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Xavi staying is the best news these days, it would have been weird if he was gone
Iniesta (via kcscb)
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Football alphabet: Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr.

"Messi? What can I say… I admire him, both for the player he is and for the person he is."

"We get on with each other off the pitch & we’re getting to know each other on it. He’ll bring a lot of joy to the club & fans.”

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Thanks for everything, Maestro.

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"We gave absolutely everything, but it wasn’t enough to win the cup. But we think that, maybe, we still gave the fans some joy. We went to Brazil with many doubts, but we came back stronger than ever. We will keep on working hard to bring joy to the country."

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#En todas con vos.


I really thought we could win. Everyone here is so proud of the team, nobody is giving them shit. They’re heroes.

But this?



That was a fucking penalty right there. The goalkeeper should’ve been carded, this was a fucking dangerous thing to do. He could’ve paralyzed Higuain.

Thanks for everything, Argentina. YOU are the true champion.

"It was so close, we’re angry to lose like that. Best player of tournament? Doesn’t matter, you don’t play for individual trophies."
"A shame we can’t offer the fans the trophy, but we leave with our head up high, we have peace of mind. I’m proud to be Argentine."

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